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A French Brazilian traditional Forró Pé de Serra group which is based in Toulouse, France! Here you can find some information about the group, such as bio, video, pictures, music and contact! You can also reach us for bookings and more information.

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Tradicional Forró from Brazil

Trio Alavantu is a French-Brazilian traditional Forro Pé de Serra group that plays the original groovy of forró style from northeast of Brazil. Jerusa Leão [Zabumba drums / vocal leader], Charlotte Espinaca [Accordion / vocal] and Antonie Petriolle [Triangle / vocal] met in 2015 at an important cultural gathering in the west center of Brazil where they merged their ideas and passion for forró. Trio Alavantu gained a lot of respect, suport and admiration from many people during their local tour in 2016 at Toulouse, the forró communitty had the joyful opportunity to shared many of their shows around town. The trio has their own compositions such as 7 Belo, Que nem Pato Nágua, Rota de Infância, De Mancinho, etc, and they also interpret great classical of Luiz Gonzaga, Marines, Trio Nordestino, Luiz Paixão, Gerson Filho, Jackson do Pandeiro and so on. Follow our updates on Facebook


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Email: trioalavantu@gmail.com
Phone: 033.638.587.820

Toulouse, France